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Even though the weather has been much better the past week compared to the heavy snow that fell at the beginning of the year, many homes are still in recovery. In addition to any leaks that may have occurred from above, many have to deal with the water that has seeped into the basement.

While it may be possible to remove some of the water by one’s self, it is important to get the water professionally removed along with the basement professionally dried. Here’s a few reasons why:

1. Difficulty of Removal – One of the most basic reasons is that the process can be very difficult to even attempt to remove all the water that can enter a basement after a flood.

2. Monetary and Non-Monetary Costs – If one chose to attempt the removal they would need the right equipment on their body on top of industrial equipment to remove the water, which can be expensive for one single person to buy. This doesn’t even cover the fact that one would be spending an exceptional amount of time actually removing the water.

3. Health Risks – With flooded basements often comes the bacteria and sewage from the outside. Exposing yourself to the bacteria and sewage can put your health at serious risk, especially if you’re on any medications such as immunosupressants or immnunomodulators.

4. Drying – After the removal, the complete removal, of the water the basement needs to be properly dried to eliminate the risk of any mold forming, which could pose even more health risks.

5. Finished Basements with Carpets – If your basement is finished and has carpet, then the water needs to be extracted from the carpet. One can put a fan over the carpet until professional help arrives, but the professionals will have the equipment necessary to extract water that goes deep into the base of the carpet.  However, one may want to consider replacing the carpet completely as well.

6. Mold Detection – With the water already being in the basement, the walls need to be tested for mold as well. If professionals are taking care of the job, they can use the proper equipment to check for mold while they are there so nothing is overlooked.

7. Odor – Improper removal can cause serious odor to occur within a week or two of the attempted removal. This is due to water still not being completely removed, on top of any bacteria that is still present, on top of any mold that is now forming because all the water wasn’t removed promptly.

With time, more money, and health being at stake, it is not worth the risks to attempt to remove water and dry an area yourself. Olneya Restoration Group can take care of all your water removal and drying needs. Call Olneya Restoration Group now at 314.432.6100 or 855.4.OLNEYA for any inquiries. Olneya Restoration Group exists because your home deserves a best friend.