Woman Owned. Unwavering Commitment.

Our founder, Crystal spent 13 years in the storm damage restoration and roofing business, so she learned through first-hand experience that not all storm damage contractors are reputable, or even local. So seeing this nationwide need for an honest contractor, Crystal founded Olneya Restoration in 2007 to help consumers who are struggling with storm damage and general home improvement woes.


As a woman-owned business, Crystal provides her customers and employees with a level of sensitivity and personal attention that other companies fail to match.


Since our opening, Olneya has been providing professional restoration and roofing services. Our focus on customer satisfaction and quality work has resulted in dozens of happy homeowners. Because of our focus on the customer, we’ve won several awards including the GAF Consumer Protection Excellence Award and GAF Customer Service Excellence Award.


Soon our team grew from three to 36 people. We realized there were homeowners in other areas that also suffered from disreputable contractors. This has prompted our recent expansion efforts to open operations in these areas. In 2015, we opened our operations in Palm City, Florida.


Always following our mission to educate homeowners and earn our customer’s trust.

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GAF® MasterElite™

Olneya Restoration Group is one of only 3% of contractors in the US to meet the stringent qualifications to be designated a GAF® MasterElite™ Contractor. For example, to preserve this exceptionally high level of service, we make sure that all our roofing inspectors are HAAG-Certified. This also means our customers qualify for GAF’s Golden Pledge™, the industry’s leading 25 year warranty.

As storm damage specialists, our team will help walk you through the insurance process for your property. We make sure you are fully educated and comfortable through the entire process of getting their life and home back to normal. Many times, we can be more knowledgeable of your local building codes than your insurance adjuster may be, making certain your home meets the highest standards to maintain it’s value.

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While steadfastly helping her clients and enjoying our company’s success, the Olneya team has given back to the communities we serve. “We have done work for Habitat for Humanity, outreach for private companies, and private drives for shelters,” she says. “My greatest accomplishment is creating a business with the means to create a healthier community.”


Olneya Restoration Group works hard to educate and earn our customer’s trust. But you don’t have to take our word for it. We’re one of only a few local contractors with a A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. We’ve also had the privilege of being award other customer recognition:

  • Inducted into the SBM Top Women Business Owners Elite Club.
  • Recently ranked 608 on the Inc. 5000 list of fastest growing private companies in America.
  • Gold Stevie Award for Sales and Customer Service.


Where Did Our Name Come From?
DSC_2175_-_Olneya_tesota-Olneya Restoration Group [OHL-NAY-AH] = The desert ironwood tree stands as a symbol of protection and safety for all that inhabits the Sonoran Desert just as the Olneya Family serves as a protector to the community and those who reside in it. Olneya Restoration Group was chosen after much thought and research to find a name that symbolizes who the company is and the values it stands for in business practices. The Ironwood grows in the Sonoran Desert and is known as the “nurse tree” because it creates a special habitat that is crucial to the survival of hundreds of species of desert wildlife. Without it, that life would cease to exist. Olneya Restoration Group operates much the same way where we support our local community and our customers. Because we know that they are our neighbors and without eachother and working together, we would cease to exist and it’s the right thing to do. Olneya Restoration Group does jobs the right way and with only experienced technicians because we care and we know that even your home deserves a best friend.


The Olneya team works hard to make sure your projects go smoothly.