It’s generally better financially, and mentally, to prevent problems versus letting them occur and subsequently trying to fix them. When it comes to the proper upkeep of your property, that rule is no different. Installing and sustaining proper roofing ventilation will help avoid many potential problems that otherwise can become costly.

Proper ventilation mandates good airflow throughout your property, keeping insulation efficient and, thus, keeping temperatures regulated efficiently.  According to the Federal Housing Administration, it’s best to have 1 square foot of attic ventilation per 300 square feet of attic space, with air intake and exhaust divided equally in that 1 square foot.

What happens if you neglect to install proper ventilation? In warmer weather, heat builds up in the attic which can dissipate into the home. As a result, a heavier load will be put on the air conditioning system. In addition to having a higher bill to pay, the heat can cause damage to the siding, paint, roof shingles, and/or any wood framing.

In colder weather, moisture can build up from the regular use of everyday household appliances. Whether it’s from cooking or using a bathtub/shower, the resulting moisture can condense and be absorbed into the attic insulation, reducing the efficiency of the airflow. More moisture also leads to potential rotting of any wood frames and shingle damage. Most important for colder climates is the prevention of ice dams, the refreezing of melted ice and snow that causes water to build up and leak into your property, leading to thousands of dollars in damage to ceilings and walls.

Being proactive and installing proper ventilation can save both a significant amount of money and headaches. We have enough worries in life, no need to create any more!