Company Culture Qualifications

We are a growing team of professionals. As such, we expect a lot from each other and offer a lot to each other. That’s our culture.

Customer Experience

You see the customer as a critical member in the success of your team.

You freely admit your mistakes and focus on making it right with the customer and then suggest systems or processes that make certain the same mistake never happens again.


You have no fear of accountability. You have no fear of demonstrating every 30 days how you have moved toward the goals you’ve set and how you have sought out the resources needed to reach those goals.

You take ownership and get the task done while demonstrating common sense in decisions and actions, especially in your interactions with customers.

You recognize how your role contributes to the overall effort and success of the organization and accept accountability as a creative challenge of your position.


You offer contagious and high levels of enthusiasm and energy, consistently generating output that is higher than many would expect.


You are flexible, gladly accepting new duties, assignments and responsibilities while prioritizing them through the lens of customer experience.

You’ve been known to perform more than one role until those additional duties and functions can be assigned to co-workers in newly defined roles. You are always willing to dig in and do any type of work. Nothing is “beneath you.”

You perform effectively with limited supervision; you are self-motivated and set your own internal priorities with minimal guidance.


You possess remarkable multi-tasking abilities.

You are willing to challenge existing procedures and systems in a constructive manner, and always provide solution options prior to bringing inefficiencies to leadership’s attention.