It’s that time of the year again. The time when one can drive and see beautiful Christmas-light decorations lighting up the neighborhood. While we all enjoy the sights that we see for only a short time every year, it’s also important to understand the impact improper hanging of decorations can have on one’s property.

Many decorators assume that they can just staple their lights to their shingles and leave it at that.  In actuality, stapling lights to shingles is one of the worse things one can do to their roof over the holidays. Stapling lights to shingles not only damages the shingle, but also acts as a catalyst for leaks to occur thanks to the small holes made from the staples. Then the roof itself would have to be repaired, causing unnecessary costs for the property owner.  We’re trying to enjoy the holidays, not cause ourselves headaches!

For those who love to hang Christmas-light decorations on their roof, it is best to hang the lights along one’s gutters using clips that are specifically made to hold the lights. These clips are readily available from almost any hardware store, so no need to worry about having to have them specially made or having to order from a special retail outlet.  Enjoy your decorations without causing damage to your property, and enjoy the holidays!

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