000081_7b81eb46 (1)Has your business, apartment building or commercial building been damaged by hail, wind, fallen trees or heavy rain? For the sake of your employees, your customers and your financial well-being, it’s important to act quickly.

Instead of calling a number of different contractors to answer your recovery and restoration requirements, why not make a single phone call? Olneya Restoration Group has what it takes to get Missouri, Illinois and Florida businesses and buildings back to normal following natural and man-made disasters.


Burst-PipesWater damage is a complicated problem that calls for a trained, certified professional. Along with the water removal itself, the professional disaster restoration experts can help you address issues such as bacteria, corrosion, damaged personal property, electrical issues, and potential foundation problems.

Whether your commercial property is located in St. Louis area or Palm City, Florida, Olneya Restoration Group provides experienced teams that specialize in water removal and cleanup of all types, including flooding water, pipe bursts, or humidity. We’re ready 24/7 to help you restore your property’s value and condition.


Smoke-DamageCall the fire restoration experts for St. Louis, Southern Illinois and Palm City, Florida.

We understand you are anxious to begin the cleaning and restoration process immediately after the fire has been eliminated. However, unless you seek professional advice, you may be doing much more harm to the structure than good.

Fire damage restoration is a multiphase process, and it’s vitally important that the process begins within hours of the damage. Our damage restoration professionals are fully trained to address the fire damage in your home and create a plan that will eliminate odors and damage, restore your salvageable property, and minimize future disaster restoration damages to your home.


PREVENT FURTHER DAMAGE. MO/IL: 314.432.6100 • FL: 772.222.5019



Act Quickly To Protect Your Investment

CommercialThe experts at Olneya Restoration Group provide quick action, detailed written estimates, and comprehensive storm damage recovery services for homes and businesses throughout Greater Saint Louis. We have the tools, training and teamwork to get your business back to normal. Our extensive disaster recovery experience means you can count on the right work being done in the right order. We keep you informed during every step of the assessment and restoration process, so you always have clear, complete knowledge of how the work is proceeding.

Keep your business property healthy and thriving. Don’t let a little wind or rain damage set you back. For Greater Saint Louis commercial restoration services and storm damage repair, contact the experts at Olneya Restoration Group today to learn more about how we can help!

Full-Service Storm Damage Recovery
  • Assistance with insurance claims
  • Window replacement
  • Temporary tarp coverage
  • Board up
  • Roof repair & replacement
  • Siding repair & replacement
  • Fallen tree removal
  • Water damage repairs
  • Structural repairs
  • Reconstruction



Seek Professional Help

000123Properly drying a flooded commercial property is vital to retaining property value, and can eliminate the need for additional repairs in the future. When flood-damaged properties are not completely dried — and when walls are closed up before having a chance to completely dry out, it can lead to extremely expensive mold damage to the property.

We repair water damage caused by:
  • Local Flooding
  • Plumbing Failure
  • Groundwater Leaks
  • Pipe Bursts
  • Long-Term Humidity/Moisture



Seek Professional Help.
Fire-Damage-RestorationBusiness and property owners are often anxious to begin the cleaning and restoration process immediately after the fire has been eliminated. And it’s important to respond quickly after a fire in order to prevent further damage and a longer cleanup. However, unless you seek professional advice, you could potentially do much more harm to your property than good.
At Olneya Restoration Group, our goal is to minimize the fire damage caused to your business or rental property and restore your property to pre-loss condition as quickly as possible. We have a knowledgeable staff of experts who have experience restoring commercial buildings of all types and sizes.
How To Get Started.

We provide a free inspection and analysis of your fire damage restoration for businesses in and around St. Charles, Florissant, Saint Louis and the Palm City, Florida area. Each thorough inspection of the damage and property is done by our restoration experts, providing an on-site consultation to address any questions you may have. Best of all, we know the dozens of different municipalities in the areas we serve but we can help you navigate the myriad of building codes.

We provide you with the peace of mind of knowing that your commercial property is being restored by experienced and knowledgeable professionals.

Call us at 314.432.6100 (Missouri or Illinois) or 727.222.5019 (Florida) or contact us online to schedule an inspection and consultation to begin the fire damage repair process and restore your property.

Smoke Without Fire

Many property owners experience smoke damage without a major fire.

Smoke-DamageSmoke is probably the most effective way to quickly soil just about every surface of your property. A malfunctioning heating appliance or flue spewing fuel-oil soot, a neglected pan of food catching fire on the range top or in the oven, starting up the fireplace without opening the damper – there are lots of ways to produce smoke and the soot and odor that accompanies it.

Unlike water leaks and flooding, damage due to smoke is not confined to low-lying areas. Hot smoke travels to cool areas. It also rises to levels above the source of smoke, such as from the basement to the first and second floor. Often, plumbing chases and HVAC ducts serve as the conduits for getting from one floor to the next.

Types of smoke can determine the best approach to smoke damage repair. “Wet” smoke, from slow smoldering fires, leaves a sticky residue that will smear, making it more difficult to clean than “dry” smoke from fast-burning fires. The latter leaves a more powdery ash. Smoke from food fires, also know as protein fires, cover surfaces with a fine film that’s tough to see but easy to smell. The pungent odors of a protein fire must be dealt with using a trial-and-error approach based upon a variety of time-tested techniques.


Eliminate Other Smoke Odors

If you’re planning to sell your home and there are lingering odors from past fire damage or from smoking cigarettes or cigars in the home, call us before your first open house! There are few things that will put off potential buyers more quickly than a bad smell.

Soot Damage Cleanup & Repair

Soot damage is different from smoke damage. Soot’s chemical composition can corrode certain metals and harm other materials. That’s why quick action is necessary to minimize property damage after a fire or a furnace puff back. Smoke and soot can be absorbed by almost all your furniture and contents, especially porous materials or surfaces and may continue to absorb odors until the soot is removed.

We remove stains & odors caused by soot to fully restore your property.