000066Thunderstorms bring heavy rain, high winds and hail and leave behind anxiety for homeowners. Was that hail big enough to damage my roof? How can I know for sure?

Knowing for sure is actually simple. You order a roof inspection from Olneya. We’ll check your roof, free of charge. If our inspectors find no damage, we’ll let you know. If we do find damage, we’ll tell you in detail what we found and the repairs we recommend. If there’s been a recent storm, chances are we can help you make an insurance claim.

Roof Damage Isn’t Always Obvious.

Although you may be able to see damage such as missing, curled, split or pockmarked shingles, some roof damage is difficult to detect. An experienced roofing contractor can identify damage that can put your roof – and your home – at risk.

What Else Could Be Wrong?

  • Granule loss. If you have composite shingles, they’re covered in protective granules. These do more than give your shingles color; they help keep UV rays from affecting the asphalt coating and improve fire resistance. Heavy rain and hail can cause significant granule loss, which leaves your roof vulnerable to the elements and shortens its lifespan.
  • Cracked and broken fiberglass. Fiberglass is used on your roof as additional insulation. If large hail cracks this insulation, the seal the fiberglass provides is broken, allowing the outside air in, which can lead to higher energy bills.
  • Sealant breakage and erosion. Roofing shingles are attached with sealant as well as nails. If the sealant is damaged and starts to erode from the shingles, your roof is vulnerable to rain and shingle loss.
  • Dented metal roof accessories, such as gutters, vents, exhaust caps and flashing. Shingles aren’t the only concern. Damage to these structures may warrant repair or replacement so that your roof is properly ventilated and drained.

Aren’t My Composite Shingles Less Likely To Be Damaged?

Not necessarily. Cedar shingles are actually less susceptible to wind and hail damage. The bottom line is that an experienced contractor should inspect your roof to ensure its integrity.

It’s Been Raining a Lot, and I Haven’t Seen Any Leaks. My Roof Is Fine, Right?

Maybe. But maybe not. Tiny holes and cracks can lead to leaks that appear months, even years later. You may be stuck with significant damage and expensive repairs.

Even If I Find Damage Later, Won’t My Insurance Cover Repairs?

That depends on your specific policy. Many insurance companies ONLY allow you to file a claim for storm damage up to one year after a storm. After that, the expense is yours. Better to have your roof inspected soon after a severe storm.

Filing an Insurance Claim to Replace My Roof Is a Huge Hassle. Is It Worth It?

Absolutely! Your house is your home and your most important investment. Olneya’s roofing experts will guide you through the insurance claim process. We’ll help ensure that you get the best roofing materials at the best price with the highest-quality installation possible.

Whether you have roof damage this year that needs repair or not, you should get your roof checked regularly, much like you maintain your car. Call us. There’s no charge or obligation. Proper preventative maintenance will extend the life of your roof. Which, after all, protects not only your house, but your family.