Healthy Home Visit

Inspection-2Every homeowner deserves the peace of mind that comes from knowing that their home is taken care of. At Olneya, we believe that this peace of mind shouldn’t cost a thing.

To accomplish this, we are proud to offer free Healthy Home Visits to any homeowner in the St. Louis Metropolitan area.

The Healthy Home Visit is a home inspection and homeowner education service. It empowers the homeowner to take the necessary steps to protect their home and maintain its beauty for years to come.

Would you like to:

  • Feel better about your home?
  • Save money on future costly repairs?
  • Achieve peace of mind that your home was in great condition?

A Healthy Home Visit is a thorough inspection of your home by an Olneya expert. It is free and there is no obligation to purchase anything – even if something is found that needs to be repaired.

After the inspection has been completed, your Olneya Representative will give you a summary report of findings and recommendations to save long-term, expensive repairs.

We recommend getting a Healthy Home Visit once a year. Armed with the knowledge provided by the inspection, you will be able to plan and execute the needed actions that will save you money, make your home secure against the elements and keep it beautiful for years to come.

Call right now 1.314.432.6100 to set a time for your free Healthy Home Visit.