This week St. Louis has seen some rough weather that flooded two bridges across the Mississippi River, caused widespread power outages, and damaged local buildings in its wake. Reports are saying that nearly 26,000 people are without power and lightning, fallen power lines, flooding and downed trees have torn apart roofs and windows and caused massive amounts of water damage to structures in the area.

Crystal Anderson is the owner of Olneya Restoration Group, a St. Louis based company that provides roofing, gutter, and (most importantly, as of late) disaster restoration services for territories in both Illinois and Missouri. Recently, Anderson made a statement to the local community, “We are sad to see an area that we so appreciate devastated by weather damage, but we are happy to be able to help the community we hold so dear and we hope that the residents of St. Louis and the surrounding areas will reach out to us in their time of need.” Olneya is an accredited member of the Better Business Bureau and is also GAF Master Elite certified. Since St. Louis often sees between 10 and 20 inches of rain every year between June and August alone, Olnyea has gotten consistent experience restoring weather damaged homes and businesses in the area.

A few of the services provided by Olneya in the St. Louis area are the following:

Disaster Restoration and Recovery, Fire Damage and Smoke Restoration, Flood Water Damage Restoration, Sewage Removal, Roofing Repairs and Installations, Gutter Installation and Downspouts

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