Replacement Windows Installed by the Experts in Greater Saint Louis and Throughout MO and IL

Replacement-WindowsIt’s very common during a storm, heavy winds, hail, and rain for damage to occur, affecting a home’s siding, roofing, and windows. As a licensed disaster recovery contractor, Olneya Restoration Group specializes in fast window replacement following a storm.

Our goal is to quickly repair all storm damage, which includes debris removal, building reconstruction, roof repair, siding repair, property restoration and window replacement.

Replacement windows are a valuable asset to reducing your family’s carbon footprint. For more information on our replacement window services in St. Charles, Florissant, Ballwin, Saint Louis and nearby, contact us today at 314.432.6100! We provide a free consultation for all of our disaster restoration services, including storm and wind damage repairs and home improvements in Missouri and Illinois.



Why Replacement Windows?

Replacement windows and siding can help improve the look of your home, as well as increase resale value.

main-defaultInstall energy-efficient windows can also be a smart way to improve home energy efficiency and comfort.

Did you know that 30% or .30 of each dollar you spend on heating and cooling your home literally goes out the window, especially if your windows are standard single pane and over 15 years old?

Recently, there have been vast improvements made in window replacement technology. Aesthetically, there are a variety of different window styles and manufactures to choose from. When considering window replacements in the Greater Saint Louis area, trust Olneya Restoration Group to give you the facts.

For example, a quality window will be double-paned, built with a reinforced sash and filled with Argon gas. This gas acts as an insulator to keep you cool in summer and warm in winter. Also having a window that is coated with Low E, a transparent metal oxide coating, will keep the UV rays out but allows the sunrays to filter in.

Top four reasons for window replacement.

window-replacementReduce heating and cooling costs – The federal government estimates that in the St. Louis region, installing replacement windows can save at least $353 per year. That’s roughly the cost of one moderately priced style of window. In an average ranch home with 10 windows, energy efficient windows have paid you back in ten years.

The heat and glare of strong summer sunlight is reduced.

Your furniture, carpets and drapes don’t fade. Glass coatings or plastic films within the window cut the ultraviolet (UV) rays that fade fabric.

Your heating and air conditioning system lasts longer, and needs fewer repairs. Your HVAC does not need to work as hard when you reduce solar heat and cooling loss in the summer, and stop drafts and heat loss in winter.

Energy Efficient

It’s easy to understand why energy-efficient windows are so much better

Glazing keeps solar heat out, and winter heat in, by tinting the glass in the factory; applying a coating; applying a thin, see-through film; or constructing the window with layers of glass; the space in between is filled with thermal gas. In addition, the “spacer” that keeps the glass in place can be specially insulated. New windows usually combine more than one of these improvements.

Framing is much more than the “look” of your new windows. Thickness and weight impact style, but also alter the thermal characteristics. The sash and frame make up nearly 30% of the total area of the window unit, so they definitely contribute to the performance of energy efficient windows.