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We see it every day. Homeowners prepare their home for construction, but they inadvertently forgot an important family member: their pets.

As a contractor who loves animals, we know pets are often affected by construction more than their owners, since they are home all day during the noise and traffic.

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Too many homeowners don’t think about the dangers and too many contractors leave pet safety up to the homeowner. Dogs can often become aggressive with strangers in the home. Cats can squeeze into small openings created during construction, becoming stuck. Debris can injure your pets or pets can also escape through an open door, window or gate and running away from the commotion.

That’s why we worked with the St. Louis County Pet Adoption Center to develop our one-of-a-kind pet friendly construction process. Not only do we gather information from homeowners about the various household pets, their locations in the home and their temperament.

Here are some steps you can take to ensure the safety of your pets:

  • Keep your pets in a safe room while workers are in your house. Workers may come and go with materials leaving doors, windows and gates ajar.
  • Make sure your pets are properly tagged and micro-chipped, just in case they get past the workers.
  • Sawing, painting and demolition result in a lot of toxic fumes and wastes, which could be poisonous for your pets.
  • If your dog is wary of strangers and loud noises, it’s better that your pet stay with a friend or board overnight during the construction process. Pets that do not like strangers could injure a worker while upset.
  • Even when you get home, don’t let your pets roam around your house. We work to clean up, but may miss something sharp or dangerous. Newly painted rooms can be a hazard. Make sure there is a safe zone in your house for your pets.
  • Maintain your pets’ routine by keeping feeding and walking times the same, and if possible, not moving their personal belongings or bedding.
  • Remember to make sure your pets have plenty of water. When stressed, some pets may drink more water.

We don’t feed or walk family pets and we can’t guarantee that a pet won’t sneak past us when our hands are full of construction materials, but we’re dedicated to making sure every member of your family stays safe –– even the four-legged ones.